Workshop Session

Generative AI Workshop & Tournament

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Generative AI for creating graphical content in an efficient way. This technology carries a huge, yet controversial, potential. With this workshop, we aim to provide an educated approach to such technologies in the form of a contest where participants will learn to use one of the most popular generative AI solutions: Stable Diffusion. The aim is twofold: acculturation and competition! You’ll learn how to configure the solution and define generation strategies.
The event will begin with a tutorial phase where you will be guided through the use of Stable Diffusion WebUI (user interface) and trained models such as SDXL. We’ll introduce the main functions of the tool: models, refiner, prompt, negative prompt, resolution, batch, seed, etc. At the end of this tutorial phase, teams will take part in a multi-round tournament. Each round will have a different theme, like best picture, fastest generation, reverse prompting, and so on. 
We kindly invite people willing to learn the basics of content generation and have fun in a tournament to take part in this workshop!
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About the Author

Dr Geoffrey Gorisse

Dr. Geoffrey Gorisse is associate professor at Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology. As a virtual reality researcher, his investigations focus on virtual characters (avatars and agents). He studies the sense of embodiment and the way avatars impact human behavior in immersive environments. He teaches 3D modelling and real-time rendering, as well as programming for VR interfaces.