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DLI & ArtsIT Program



Wednesday 24th October

Welcome Reception at Paço do Vitorino – Ponte de Lima

(Free transportation will be provided / Bus leaves from the University Campus)

Paço do Vitorino


Thursday 25th October

Conference 1st day. University of Minho (see full program)

19:00h: Conference Dinner
Casa do Professor Restaurant, (city center)

21:30h: Performances (Braga Media Arts)
Theatro Circo, (city center)
Free entrance to the conferences’ attendees and also to the general public.

(Né Barros and João Martinho Moura, with Sónia Cunha. 2016-2018)
20 min

CO:LATERAL was developed from the Nuve artwork, a project for performance and digital art. Initially presented in 2010, this solo interpreted by Né Barros, was the motif for several national and international publications. In Co:Lateral the body projected and extended itself in a relationship of intimacy with interactive virtual reality. The performative discourse resulting from this connection calls for an extraordinary moment, a poetic moment made of a mixture of realities, made of body, double and images. Co:Lateral evokes moments of the death of the swan immersed in an immaterial space of light and projection: a phantom of the archive of dance now returns to test itself in a reality of illusory imprisonment.
Direction and choreography: Né Barros; Digital creation: João Martinho Moura; Performer: Sónia Cunha; Music: João Martinho Moura; Costume Design: Né Barros; Production: Lucinda Gomes (Balleteatro); Research supervision: Paulo Ferreira-Lopes (School of Arts, UCP/CITAR) and Né Barros (Balleteatro).
NaN:Collider + Miguel Pedro
(António Rafael, João Martinho Moura and Miguel Pedro. 2016-2018)
15 min

NaN:Collider is an audiovisual performance, started in 2016 by João Martinho Moura and António Rafael, devoted to the science, arts and space exploration. NaN is a numeric data type value representing an undefined or unpresentable value, something impossible to calculate. Collider refers to an opposite concept to that, something very concrete, used as a research tool in particle physics by accelerating particles to very high kinetic energy. On this project they invited Miguel Pedro, to work with them with sounds which result from a research process in experimental electronic music developed at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Institute. The artists take the public for a travel into deep space, starting on earth, flying to the moon, passing through a spiral galaxy in formation, facing a black hole and finishing at the nanoscale.
Music: António Rafael, Miguel Pedro, João Martinho Moura; Visuals: João Martinho Moura.
(Doaa Darwish. 2018)
15 min

ShellShock is an experimental multimedia performance that explores trauma and PTSD through human movement, by using motion capture technology to generate audio-visual content in real-time. The project aims to explore different approaches to combine digital media with theatre and Performing Arts. ShellShock is being developed in Rhine-Waal University media-labs in Kamp-Lintfort (Germany), under the supervision of Prof. Ido Iurgel.
Visuals and Music: Doaa Darwish; Performer: Carlos Silva (Balleteatro); Supervision: Ido Iurgel.



Friday 26th October

Conference 2nd day. University of Minho. (see full program)



Evening: opening of the Semibreve Festival

Festival Semibreve

Tickets for the Festival Semibreve are available directly over the festival website (normally sold out in advance)  


Full program here.