Accepted papers

Main Track

Dynamic Suspense Management Through Adaptive Gameplay
Levine, Robert (Rochester Institute of Technology); Zartman, Skyler (Rochester Institute of Technology); Zhu, Ying (Georgia State University)

Real-time Dynamic Digital Scenography: An Electronic Opera as a Use Case
Roça, Cátia (University of Coimbra, CISUC, DEI); Augusto, Carlos Alberto (Independent Researcher); Rebelo, SĂ©rgio (University of Coimbra, CISUC, DEI); Martins, Pedro (University of Coimbra, CISUC, DEI)

Toward Injury-Aware Game Design
Tinnirello, Marinel (Marist College); Zhu, Ying (Georgia State University); Kane, Steve (WellStar Medical Group)

Information presentation in autonomous shuttle busses: – What and how?
Linnartz, Markus (University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe); Dufner, Yasmin (University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe); Fricke, Nicola (University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe)

Web-Mindscape and REFLEXION: biofeedback and physical computing in interactive New Media Art
Gernemann-Paulsen, Andreas (Universität zu Köln, Musikwissenschaft, Systematik); Robles Angel, Claudia (New Media & Audiovisual Artist, Cologne, Germany); Seifert, Uwe (Universität zu Köln, Musikwissenschaft, Systematik)

NerveLoop: Visualization as Speculative Process to Explore Abstract Neuroscientific Principles through New Media Art
Maslic, Anton Dragan (City University of Hong Kong)

Influence of Visual Appearance of Agents on Presence, Attractiveness, and Agency in Virtual Reality

Butz, Marius (Hochschule Karlsruhe); Hepperle, Daniel (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences); Wölfel, Matthias (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences)

The Effect of Characters’ Locomotion on Audience Perception of Crowd Animation
Zhang, Wenyu (Purdue University); Adamo-Villani, Nicoletta (Purdue University)

Towards Inclusive and Interactive Spaces for Breakdancing
Olpindo, Janica (York University); Van Nort, Doug (York University)

AI Assisted Design of Sokoban Puzzles using Automated Planning
Balyo, Tomas (CAS Software); Froleyks, Nils (JKU, Linz, Austria)

Logo Generation Using Regional Features: A Faster R-CNN Approach to Generative Adversarial Networks
Ter-Sarkisov, Aram (City, University of London); Alonso, Eduardo (City, University of London)

The lost film Pontianak (1957) as a case study to evaluate different strategies of performance capture for virtual heritage
Seide, Benjamin (Nanyang Technological University); Slater, Benjamin (Nanyang Technological University)

Mental Jam: A Pilot Study of Video Game Co-creation for Individuals with Lived Experiences of Depression and Anxiety
Chen, Hsiao-Wei (RMIT University); Duckworth, Jonathan (RMIT University); Kokanovic, Renata (RMIT University)

Mass Learning through Interactive Public Art with Data Sculpture
Meng, Xin (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan); Liu, Shih-Ta (National Tsing Hua University); Hsu, Su-Chu (National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan)

Tackling online hate speech? Play Your Role!
Costa, Susana (Algarve University); da Silva, Bruno Mendes (ALGARVE UNIVERSITY); Tavares, Mirian (Algarve University)

Designing Mobile Tasks to Improve Art Description Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments
Corbett, Megan (University of Iowa); Malik, Jeehan (University of Iowa); Smith, Vero Rose (Greenfields Academy); Rector, Kyle (University of Iowa)

Design Patterns of Health Animation – Scaling Pattern Languages into a new domain
Pedersen, Katja Thyra (Center for Planned Surgery); Vistisen, Peter (Aalborg University); Høybye, Mette Terp (Aarhus University); Strøm, Janni (Aarhus University, Center for Planned Surgery)

Statistical Models for Predicting Results in Professional League of Legends
Jadowski, Robbie (Manchester Metropolitan University); Cunningham, Stuart (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Digital art and dissipative structures
TAO, Sijia (University Paris 8); LIORET, Alain (University Paris 8)

Promoting Social Inclusion Around Cultural Heritage Through Collaborative Digital Storytelling
Cesário, Vanessa (ITI/LARSyS, IST University of Lisbon, Portugal); Acedo, Albert (ITI/LARSyS, IST University of Lisbon, Portugal); Nisi, Valentina (ITI/LARSyS, IST University of Lisbon, Portugal); Nunes, Nuno (ITI/LARSyS, IST University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Artificial Intelligence in Art and Culture

SOUND OF(F): Contextual storytelling using machine learning representations of sound and music
Erol, Zeynep (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Zhang, Zhiyuan (City University of Hong Kong); Özgünay, Eray (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); LC, RAY (City University of Hong Kong)

Questions and answers: Important steps to let AI chatbots answer questions in the museum
Schaffer, Stefan (DFKI); Ruß, Aaron (DFKI); Lee Sasse, Mino (DFKI); Schubotz, Louise (Linon Medien); Gustke, Oliver (Linon Medien)

Poetic Automatisms: A Comparison of Surrealist Automatisms and Artificial Intelligence for Creative Expression
Kratky, Andreas (University of Southern California)

Unusual Transformation: A Deep Learning Approach to Create Art
Mai Cong, Hung (Osaka University); Ryohei, Nakatsu (Kyoto University); Tosa, Naoko (Kyoto University); Trang, Mai Xuan (Phenikaa University)

AI in Art: Simulating the Human Painting Process
Schlippe, Tim (IU International University of Applied Sciences); Leiser, Alexander (IU International University of Applied Scienes)

AI Strategies in Architecture and Art
Lisek, Robert (Institute for Research in Science and Art)

No Body lives here (ODO) – a machine to human conversation on stage
Ziegler, Christian (Arizona State University)

Creative collaboration with the “brain” of a search engine: Effects on cognitive stimulation and evaluation apprehension
Gozzo, Mélanie (Tilburg University); de Rooij, Alwin (Tilburg University)

User Study on the Effects of Explainable AI Visualizations on Non-Experts
Schulze-Weddige, Sophia (CAS Software AG); Zylowski, Thorsten (CAS Software AG)

Virtualization and Participation in Art and Culture

Resonant Webs: an international online collaborative arts performance for individuals with and without a disability
Duckworth, Jonathan (RMIT University); Eldridge, Ross (RMIT University); Hullick, James (Jolt Arts Inc); Mochizuki, Shigenori (Ritsumeikan University)

Facilitating Mixed Reality Public Participation for Modern Construction Projects: Guiding Project Planners with a Configurator
Schramm, Lena (Hochschule Karlsruhe – University of Applied Sciences); Götz, Tobias (Justus-Liebig-University); Hariharan, Anuja (CAS Software AG); Fegert, Jonas (FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik); Schmidt, Andreas Peter (Hochschule Karlsruhe – University of Applied Sciences)