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Third International Conference on Arts and Technology

March 21–23, 2013 | Milano, Italy

Full papers - presentations

Exhibiting Poetry in Public Places Using a Network of Scattered QR Codes presented by Theodoros Papatheodorou

Towards Novel Relationships between the Virtual and the Real in Augmented Reality presented by Hanna Kathrin Schraffenberger

Social exploration of 1D games presented by Andrea Valente

Subway: Activist Performance through Mediation - PPT version - presented by Andrew Quitmeyer

Modeling Interaction in Rehearsals - keynote version - presented by Søren R Frimodt‐Møller

Encoded Thoughts: Writing Code as an Art Practice presented by Evangelina Sousa

The Soundwalker in the Street: Location-based Audio Walks and the Poetic Re-imagination of Space presented by Micky van Zeijl

Giving Robots a Voice: A Kineto-Acoustic Performance - video - presented by Ralf Hoyer

Student posters

DJing Information – A Model of Interaction presented by Dan Norton

Exhibition sessions - presentations

Which is your brass voice?: Using Artificial Intelligence to Produce an Interactive Light and Sound Artwork - video - presented by Claudio Benghi and Gloria Ronchi

VLAB4DVISIONS Project K.1 DIY interactive 3D device - videos - presented by Francesca Mereu

OPTICKS and Visual Moonbounce - performance 1 - performance 2 presented by Daniela De Paulis