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Accepted papers

Main Track

A Review of Game Design Techniques for Evoking and Managing CuriosityZhu, Ying (Georgia State University)
Voices, Speech and Sounds – Soundtracks and aesthetic composition in podcastsCarrasco, Lucas Linardi (UNICAMP); Manica, Daniela Tonelli (UNICAMP); Oliveira, Gabriel Marçal (UNICAMP)
Towards Sustainable Future: Art and Science – An Interactive DuoPozdnyakova, Yelena (Free University Berlin); Tagiyev, Eldar (UDK Berlin)
MappEMG: Enhancing Music Pedagogy by Mapping Electromyography to Multimodal FeedbackPiao, Ziyue (McGill University); Wanderley, Marcelo M. (McGill University); Verdugo, Felipe (Université de Montreal)
Soundscape to Music: Experiences in an Additive Manufacturing Open LabFontolan, Laureana Stelmastchuk Benassi (CTI Renato Archer)
Enhancing Geoscience Communication: Building Virtual Reality Field Trips with the Outcrop Digital Model at Varvito Geological Park (Itu, SP)de Castro, Douglas Bazo (Universidade Estadual de Campinas); Picanço, Jefferson de Lima (State University of Campinas); da Mota, Gabriel Santos (University of São Paulo); de Sena, Ítalo Sousa (School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy)
Designing a Time Travel Layout to Visualize and Support Collaboration in ScienceAzevedo, Bruno (Centro ALGORITMI, engageLab – Universidade do Minho); Cunha, Francisco (University of Minho); Branco, Pedro (University of Minho, Dep. of Information Systems (DSI))
Describing and Comparing Co-located Interaction in Interactive Art Using a Relational ModelXu, Dan (Leiden University); Lamers, Maarten H. (Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University); Van der Heide, Edwin Frank (Leiden University)
Point Based Stylization – An Interactive Rendering Approach for Non-Uniform Artistic RepresentationLee, Yun-Chen (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University); Hou, June-Hao (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
Glitch Art Generation and Performance using Musical Live CodingAmano, Noriki (Mukogawa Women’s University)
Animated pedagogical agents performing affective gestures extracted from the GEMEP Dataset: can people recognize their emotions?Adamo-Villani, Nicoletta (Purdue University)
Presenting the testimonial in multimedia documentariesFeinstein, Kenneth (Sunway University)
Psychological Evaluation of Media Art Focusing on MovementKazawa, Go (Kyoto University)
Marker-Based and Area-Target-Based User Tracking for Virtual Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage in Mixed RealitySchauer, Sophie (HTW Berlin); Sieck, JĂĽrgen (HTW Berlin)
The potential of holographic avatars in the hybrid workplace: an industrial/organizational psychology perspectiveVillani, Nicholas (Harvard University)
I’ve Gut Something to Tell You: A Speculative Biofeedback Wearable Art Installation on the Gut-Brain ConnectionSommer, Line Krogh (Aalborg University); Lauritzen, Johanna (Aalborg University); Spork, Alberte (Aalborg University); Biller, Louise (Aalborg University); Jensen, Mathilde Merete (Aalborg University); Bemman, Brian (Aalborg University)
A study about the relationship between music and sound effects in the audiovisual mediaYglesias, Vinicius ([email protected]); Aguilar, Igor Abdo (Unicamp); Fornari, Jose (NICS/Unicamp)
Hearing sounds through different ears: a video game case studyGonzaga, Gabriel Dargains (Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO))
Singing CodeMaric, Jasmina (Chalmers / CSE / Interaction Design); Murali Rani, Lekshmi (Chalmers/ CSE / Software Engineering)