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Please note that unqualified requests will not be granted.

Before applying for a Visa letter, ensure you qualify under one of the following categories:

  • conference registrants (a registration is only completed after the payment is successfully processed);
  • organizing committee members;
  • invited guests and speakers;
  • persons known to the committee members;

It is the responsibility of the participant to review his/her visa status and determine whether they need a visa or visa renewal for entering the country where the conference is hosted. Furthermore, it is up to the participant to pay any related fees, find out how to schedule an interview appointment and other instructions for the application process. For details that apply specifically to your country, please visit a website of the nearest Consulate or Embassy of the country hosting the event.

Visa letter requests will only be considered after Registration opens – this is typically at Notification deadline. Revisit this page after you complete registration to download a fillable Visa letter template.

with this text: (+ upload letter template and insert its link + add conference manager’s email in CC)

To apply for a VISA LETTER, please see the template EAI_events_Visa_Letter_template_for_Local_Chair_Template - EAI ArtsIT 2023, download and fill in your information. Send the filled document to the Conference Manager ([email protected]), who will assess the eligibility of each application before sending valid Visa letter requests to the Local Chair for their signature.