Panel Discussion

RECIPROCITY: regenerative futures through art + science + technology collaborations.

Leading into the future of the untold and yet to be made.

We are delighted to announce that the Australian Network for Art & Technology [ANAT], will contribute to our conference with a panel session on future making and how experimental practice, research and interdisciplinary collaborations meld together to make new systems of thought, doing and being with a special focus on accessibility.

We acknowledge that humanity and our planet Earth is amid a transformative era, facing some of the greatest ecological, social, cultural, economical and technical challenges in human history.

As a species, the stories we bring to life in this decade will contribute to living beings and systems, flourishing or failing – including humans. ANAT plays a critical role in this. We are being invited to consider whose stories we bring life to and in what ways as well as how we amplify their impact. We are the confluence of three interconnected and interrelated ecosystems; arts, science and technology, that are critical in shaping this right of passage and unique opportunities to shape the futures.

ANAT has a long tradition of cultivating artistic excellence by bringing together artists with science and technology to create experimental artwork, but making new ideas visible is not enough. Our vision is for artists to contribute to cultivating the conditions for ecological, cultural, social and economic flourishing for all living beings, through the making and sharing of some of Australia’s most important stories. Building on our existing programs, capability, and our core value of reciprocity, over the next five years ANAT will identify and develop our role in cultural diplomacy internationally, importantly across the Indo Pacific and Southeast Asian regions.

We recognise that we need to amplify the unheard and vulnerable (human and beyond human), transcend traditional practices to communicate stories effectively and cultivate relationships that enable us to endure. While there are many future unknowns, our range of actions and measures provide us a map to follow. In our quest as generative industry leaders – to do more good than harm, we will sense deeply into emergent and possible pasts, presents and futures. We will centre the unheard and the vulnerable in honour of revolutionary love, compassion and care. We will reside in the nexus of differences and find ways to communicate more effectively for deeper, broader and greater impact.

Melissa DeLaney